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A Newborn Nanny in Toronto Checklist

A good newborn nanny in Toronto knows that each family has unique requirements. A nanny can have different responsibilities with different families. Some children have dietary restrictions and special needs. The age of the children in their care can also make a difference on how a nanny proceeds. Here’s a

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How Sleep Coaching in Toronto Benefits You and Baby

Being a new parent can be overwhelming and that’s why you should learn about how sleep coaching in Toronto can help you and your baby. These techniques go beyond teaching your newborn how to sleep well. There are also some excellent health benefits. Following is some information on how sleep

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What is a maternity consultant and what do they do?

Pregnant families should be fully involved in the planning and care of their pregnancy with all the information, support and advice from professionals who are educated and knowledgeable. A maternity consultant is a professional who provides education, support, information and assistance to expectant moms and families navigating the healthcare system.

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About Grief & Bereavement Doulas

The loss of a baby is never easy regardless of the length of the pregnancy, stillborn, or age of the child. Grieving is important and support is needed for parents. Your grief should never be ignored. A grief doula is a person who provides emotional and physical support to families

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