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What is a maternity consultant and what do they do?

Pregnant families should be fully involved in the planning and care of their pregnancy with all the information, support and advice from professionals who are educated and knowledgeable. A maternity consultant is a professional who provides education, support, information and assistance to expectant moms and families navigating the healthcare system. They are experienced in all …

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What does a breastfeeding consultant do?

Many women experience difficulties with latching, milk production, painful feedings, concerns about the amount of milk the baby is consuming, and the baby weight gain. Breastfeeding consultants are either registered nurses or certified breastfeeding consultants who help mothers through their breastfeeding challenges. Breastfeeding Consultants respect and work with the parents to accomplish the parents’ choices. …

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What is a Birth Doula?

Doulas are non-medical care providers who support the family emotionally and physically during delivery. They may be professionally trained and experienced in assisting and supporting expected parents through their pregnancy. The assistance of a birth doula provides mothers with a more fulfilling and memorable pregnant experience. Doulas empower expected parents to have better control in …

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Why hire a Licensed Professional Nurse (LPN) or Registered Nurse (RN)?

A baby care nurse is a licensed (RN or LPN), with a degree and a license to practice nursing. They typically come to your home to work with families of newborn(s) with medical conditions that could be life-threatening for the baby. Many of the nurses are experienced in neonatal care, pediatric care, and are all …

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Dream Feed

Sleep is the hottest commodity for new parents in the early days after bringing your baby home. A newborn feeds every one to three hours for the first month of life depending on if you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, which doesn’t leave much time for mom and dad to sleep properly. As your baby …

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Baby Acne

We have all been conditioned to think of acne as a puberty condition, however, your newborn now seems to be covered in tiny bumps! This usually begins around 2 or 3 weeks of age and affect 20 to 40 percent of all newborns – but your little one is not bothered at all, so you …

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