Breastfeeding Consultant

Breastfeeding Consultants

Breastfeeding consultants are Registered Nurses/Certified Breastfeeding consultants who help mothers with breastfeeding. Many women experience difficulties with latching, milk production, painful feedings, concerns about the amount of milk the baby is consuming, and the baby weight gain. Breastfeeding Consultants respect and work with the parents to accomplish the parents’ choices.


The most common reasons cited for stopping breastfeeding before
six months were “not enough breast milk” and “difficulty with
breastfeeding technique.

2011-2012 – Statistics Canada

We Offer:

  • Support of breastfeeding and provide advice and information
  • Assist with latching, positioning
  • Increasing the mother’s comfort with breastfeeding
  • Handle concerns and worries about supplements
  • Treat and manage nipple discomfort, pain, and engorgement
  • Educate mothers on the baby(ies) cues for feeding and other behaviors
  • Educate the parents on how to tell if the baby drinks enough milk
  • Monitor baby(ies) weight gain process
  • Educate on pumping methods and equipment purchase and renting locations
  • Teaches the proper way to hand express
  • Apply measures that can increase milk supply
  • Recognize the reasons why the baby may not be taking the breast and suggest solutions
  • Educate parents on storage process and methods

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