Grief & Bereavement Doulas

Grief & Bereavement Doulas

Pregnancy is usually a joyful and happy time. Plans to welcome the baby starts to form almost immediately after and so much hope is present for the future. A small percentage of people may have fears and concerns and that may include death.

The loss of baby is never easy regardless of the length of the pregnancy, stillborn, or age of the child. Grieving is important and support is needed for parents. Ignoring your grief can lead depression, substance abuse, and addictions. Your grief should never be ignored.

A grief doula is a person who provides emotional and physical support to families who experience the loss of a child.


According to Statistics Canada, perinatal mortality (loss after 28 weeks of pregnancy, or during the first week post-birth) occurs at a rate of 0.6 percent in Canada.

2011 – Statistics Canada

Some of the services covered are:

  • Providing information and connect you to resources
  • Customized support – includes attending appointments
  • Being there when needed – available after hours
  • Understanding your loss and helping you to grief
  • Support and walking the family through your journey of loss
  • We put no time limit on your period of grief

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