Zealous Baby Care


Newborn Care Specialist in Mississauga

Zealous Baby Care is a newborn care specialist in Mississauga provider that empowers new mothers. One of our priorities is making sure you feel in control and comfortable during this special time in your life. Our team has over three decades of experience.

We offer a variety of different specialties that will set you and your baby up for a successful life together. We use custom approaches to help each new mother feel comfortable. Plus, we focus on putting together good habits for your baby and you.

Our newborn care specialist in Mississauga team don’t just help you find time to sleep or lend a hand with other things. We provide you with both the tools and knowledge so that you can thrive with your newborn.

Baby Nurse in Mississauga

We understand there are a variety of different services to sort through. These include everything from night nurses to doulas and specialized postpartum doula help. Let us help you navigate through all of your choices.

Our baby nurse in Mississauga options are different because we have licensed practical nurses and registered nurses who works alongside our postpartum doulas. These experts provide night support and at home daycare for the families of newborn babies with unique medical conditions.

We provide a variety of different services including a sleep consultant when necessary. These are the experts that can help you with any of your newborn’s sleeping problems. They look at your child’s sleeping habits and conduct a full evaluation. The end result is a customized sleeping plan that works for you and your baby.

 Zealous Baby Care includes remote or at-home counselling as well as a customized plan provided to each and every client.

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Night Nurse in Mississauga

If you need an extra set of hands at night or during the day, our night nurse in Mississauga services are for you. These include nighttime or day support. If you’re not sure which of our services suits your needs, get in touch with us. We are more than happy to schedule a 10-minute call to point you in the right direction.  We are here to help you enjoy every moment of being a parent. Get in touch with us so we can empower you with the right tools today.