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A Newborn Nanny in Toronto Checklist

A good newborn nanny in Toronto knows that each family has unique requirements. A nanny can have different responsibilities with different families. Some children have dietary restrictions and special needs. The age of the children in their care can also make a difference on how a nanny proceeds.

Here’s a general checklist of the things parents should consider.

  • Newborns will need diaper changes frequently. A newborn nanny in Toronto needs to be ready to change a diaper whether they are about town or at home. Some newborn nannies have to change them up to 10 times a day.
  • These nannies also have to understand how to prepare meals and prep bottles. They need to know an infants feeding schedule. That includes when and how to warm their bottles properly. These nannies also need to be able to prepare several meals a day as the baby gets older.
  • They also need to communicate with the parents. This should include details on feeding and sleeping patterns.
  • Bathing a newborn can be another one of the responsibilities for nanny. Safety is the priority here. They should have a clear understanding about the water temperature and the kind of products they can use.
  • Before bedtime and nap time, nannies also prepare the baby for sound sleep. They can calm and soothe a newborn with a pacifier when they are away from home. Swaddling and cuddling are two other methods a nanny can use to prepare the child for a nap. They are also good at preparing consistent routines so children know what to expect.

Nannies who look after newborns have other skills. They understand how  a gentle massage on a baby’s feet legs and back can help relax their muscles.

Experienced Nanny

An experienced nanny also understands how important distractions are. They use mobiles, rattles and other toys when a child is distressed to divert their attention. Some have even made use of white noise like the sound of rainfall and ocean waves to soothe newborns.

Time for a New Mother

We can help by supplying you with a qualified dependable newborn nanny in Toronto. They supply the time a new mother needs to recuperate and rest after giving birth. Get in touch with us today and let us help you transition your baby into the family in a smooth pleasant way.

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