Zealous Baby Care

Our Team

Our team of specialized newborn experts are here when you need them. Led by the Zealous Baby Care core pillars, each team member conducts themselves with the utmost respect in our clients home.


Founder, Newborn Care Specialist

What clients love: Inspires confidence

Rose has been helping families of newborns and infants since 1992. She follows a holistic approach to health and wellbeing for the baby and parents. She holds a General Business and Accounting Diploma, is a certified Newborn Care Specialist and has completed many courses, seminars, workshops on the care of mothers and babies’ health and wellness. With this knowledge and her years of experience, she supports families helping them relax and enjoy the happiness a baby brings.


Newborn Care Specialist

What clients love: Lively and energetic

Julian’s youthful exuberance is infectious. She has 3 daughters of her own and lots of nieces and nephews that she has practiced on. Kids love being around her because she is a great playmate and moms love having her around because she is responsible, knowledgeable and observant. Julian has worked with twins, singles and preemies. You will not find a more joyful person and parents delight in her willingness to help and give to others. Her work experience has mainly been with newborn babies, however, she simply loves children regardless of age.

Liz Williams

Newborn Care Specialist and Postpartum Support

What clients love: Funny and full of life

Liz is a well-rounded professional with more than 25 years of experience in Canada and the US as a childcare provider and newborn care specialist and providing postpartum support. She develops schedules and routines to ensure that babies/toddlers have enough physical activities, rest, and playtime. Liz ensures that all the children under her care are kept safe and in good health, taking personal pride in maintaining the nutritional and hygiene needs of all the children she cares for. Liz has a high level of patience and immense love and compassion for families. As a mother of 2 and a grandmother, she knows and understands the ups and downs we all go through.


Newborn Care Specialist

What clients love: Reliable, quiet and humble

As a mother, Sharnie knows firsthand the joys and responsibilities of newborn care including the sleepless nights that come with your bundle of joy. Her strength is actually her quietness and calm as she focuses on the end result and not the current struggles. When you combine her work experience of managing a daycare with caring for her own 3 children, she is the mother’s charm in a stormy time. Her love for your baby and her kindness will be felt.


Newborn Care Specialist, Postpartum Support, Birth Doula

What clients love: Discreet and respectful

Shelly is a mother of 4 and a pillar of positivity for families. Without fail, her winning smile makes babies (and their parents) feel at ease. Shelly is always professional in any circumstance. She has worked extensively with high-profile families, including those that travel. She’s well-equipped and experienced in caring for newborns and their siblings.


Newborn Care Specialist
What clients love: Positive outlook and supportive disposition

In a stress-filled environment, you can count on Shawn to remain calm and collected. She has the knack to quickly assess a situation, become mobilized and set up structure and routine to return to normalcy.  Her focus is not just on the newborn but also on mom and the family as a unit. Her personal experience comes from her own 3 children and over 25 years of working with both newborns and children.


Postpartum Support

What clients love: Born to care for others

Petra grew up and worked in the Netherlands. She trained as a doula in the maternity ward of a major hospital, working closely with nurses, midwives, OB/GYN doctors and pediatricians. Petra has worked with women from different cultures and backgrounds, picking up time-tested practices along the way. With empathy as her guide, she knows the importance of having that reassurance as a new parent. Petra is a Cappa Certified Postpartum Doula (CCPD) in Canada.


Newborn Care Specialist

What clients love: The Baby Sleep Guru

Cherril is a bonafide baby whisperer, getting even the fussiest babies to sleep through the night. She has amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge throughout her many years in the baby care service and is well versed in soothing techniques. She is honest, straightforward and is a great support to mothers by listening attentively and giving great advice and feedback, while helping mothers adjust easily to their new normal.

Elizabeth Odi

Newborn Care Specialist

What clients love: The Baby Sleep Guru

Zealous Gem
Dedicated and compassionate Newborn Care Specialist with over 15 years of experience in the childcare industry. A passionate lover of babies and opportunities to provide a nurturing environment that supports the best possible outcomes, both present and future. Devoted to gradually becoming less pertinent as each family assignment progresses towards culmination. This by providing times of rest and respite, purposefully engaging, encouraging, educating and equipping parents to build confidence in their instincts, knowledge base, understanding and care as baby develops.

Shantelle Alliman

Newborn Care Specialist

What clients love: The Baby Sleep Guru

Professional passionate First Aid/CPR certified Newborn Care Specialist with a degree in Child Development and 15 years plus years in various positions such as a nanny, mother’s helper, house manager & night nanny and postpartum doula care. I am able to provide support to parents as they navigate the change of a new addition to their family. I have experience with creating positive sleep routines right from the start. Possessing excellent communication skills, compassionate, hard-working, and with a bubbly personality who is able to adapt and work in a variety of fast pace environments.