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Newborn Care Specialist in Rosedale

Zealous Baby Care Supplies newborn care specialist in Rosedale services for as long as you need them. Establishing healthy habits for you and your newborn is our first priority. Our compassionate experts will work around your schedule. Just tell us what you need and they will do their best to accommodate you.

Don’t forget to ask about our postpartum doula and doulas option.  These are the people that can support the mother just before childbirth as well as during the period afterward. Focusing on caring for the newborn is important.

 Our complete packages includes expert newborn care specialists, baby nurses and night nurses in Rosedale and doulas to educate and empower brand new mothers.

Baby Nurse in Rosedale

A baby nurse (aka newborn care specialist) in Rosedale is involved in the early stages of a newborn’s development. When you hire one from Zealous Baby Care Services, you will be getting an individual that’s experienced, skilled and trained in caring for newborns.

We are proud of the services that we offer with this and all of the other newborn care services. These include feeding, cleaning, and preparation as well as support for breastfeeding.

Our compassionate professional team also looks after troubleshooting issues before they become problems. We are on the lookout for issues like allergies and reflux. Our baby nurse (aka newborn care specialists) brings a wealth of knowledge and trade secrets to you to help with you and your baby.


Our baby nurse in Rosedale team loves to help families in the GTA. Everything we do focuses on respect and empathy for every person in the household. Establishing good habits for everyone in the home is our number one priority.

Having a newborn presents unexpected challenges. Let us help you by supplying support that works with you to accomplish your goals.

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Night Nurse in Rosedale

Our team includes night nurse (aka newborn care specialist) in Rosedale professionals who are dedicated to your baby’s development. There are a lot of different services to choose from. Reaching out to us can be the first step in finding one that’s appropriate for you.

Some of the baby care nurses we employ are registered nurses and or licensed practical nurses. Some of the care they provide is covered by private Ontario family health plans. It’s important to consider because a licensed nurse can provide at-home care for babies who may need a registered nurse because of a medical condition. 

Zealous Baby Care provides customized plans for each and every client that we serve. Why not take advantage of our remote or at-home counseling sessions today? All you need to do to get started is get in touch with us.