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Should I hire a sleep consultant?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, a newborn should be sleeping 14-18 hours each day. Babies need significantly more sleep than adults to support their rapid mental and physical development. But as parents, when we’re running on fumes and our newborn just won’t stop crying, it can make things really challenging. Most sleep problems are behavioural conditions that prevent the infant or child from sleeping properly. But babies can be trained from an early age to develop a proper sleep and eat routine.

What does a sleep consultant do?

A Sleep Consultant accesses the home and family dynamics and devises a solution that is customized to your family. The solution may be as simple as a change of routine and correcting the problem is a joint effort with the parents

Sleep consultants will:

  • Establish healthy sleep habits
  • Identify sleep milestone
  • Identify safe sleep environments – Preventing SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
  • Address common sleeping challenges and provide solutions
  • Recognize and consider medical conditions which affect sleep
  • Work out solutions with the parent

Is a sleep consultant right for me?

Every family has their own needs and challenges. Some may be able to train their baby themselves. Others find it incredibly helpful to have an expert help their baby.

Zealous Baby Care offers custom sleep consulting services in Toronto and the GTA. To learn more about our sleep consultants and other newborn care services, call us at 1-(888) 515-8390.

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