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” Rose is an exceptional night nurse. Rose joined us the day we came home from the hospital with our newborn twins (one low birth weight). Rose was with us five out of seven nights for four weeks. She taught us so much about caring for our tiny newborns and was always full of wonderful and practical advice. By the time Rose left us after four weeks our babies were sleeping six hours straight through the night. What a wonderful gift!!! Rose inspires confidence and trust from the moment you meet her. I would highly recommend Rose! ,,


Oakville, Ontario, Canada

” Rose was just what we needed, when we most needed it. We found you to be trustworthy, knowledgeable, professional, compassionate, and kind. We appreciated that you were supportive of our decisions, but also provided us with gentle guidance based on your many years of experience. Your passion for what you do is obvious. We can’t thank you enough.,,

Kim P.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

My wife and I were extremely lucky to find Rose. She was a saviour from sleepless nights. Rose has a way with children. In our case it was not only our newborn who found immediate comfort with her, but also our toddler (who we couldn’t get to brush his teeth for months – until Rose somehow swayed him). Rose shows up to work with a smile, and leaves with a smile. She’s very efficient in her job, but at the same time pays attention to every detail. Her work is transparent, seamless, and dependable. The miracle that Rose brings is exemplified in the countless occasions when our baby would be inconsolable for hours before Rose’s arrival, but then magically soothed down as soon as Rose takes her. Rose’s character is responsible and trustworthy. She exudes confidence and pride in her vocation, while being friendly and down-to-earth. She is highly professional yet flexible ans easy to get along with. Not only is she clearly knowledgeable in her area, but she is generous and proactive in sharing her expertise. She is an excellent educator, and her tips transmit reassurance to us the parents. We kept Rose for an extended period, even after our baby completed sleep-training and weaned off the pacifier (accomplishments which we owe to Rose of course). We have no hesitation at all in recommending Rose to take care of your baby.

Ferase R.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Julian has been helping me take care of my 6-month old daughter, since she was born. She is provided exceptional night-nanny services, including changing the baby, putting her to bed, baby massage to relieve colic, and giving her a bottle at night. She adjusted well to my family’s needs, as the time went by. Julian is a very friendly, reliable and punctual person, who loves children and is knowledgeable about baby care. I would recommend Julianne to anyone considering hiring a baby nurse or night nanny.

Inna F

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

In 2006, my husband and I were blessed with twin girls, Alexis & Alicia. Although we had a lot of support and help from family, we still needed more support. Ruth became part of my girls' lives and on a weekly basis, came over to care for the girls. Not only did she give me a few moments of peace and quiet but she taught my babies at that time so much from drinking out of a cup to napping on their own to babbling more. I was also so impressed with her calm and relaxed attitude because while life was crazy for us, she came to our home relaxed, calm, helpful and always attentive. The first year of a baby’s life is so critical and having Ruth watch and care for our twins was such a blessing. We can not thank you enough!

Cathy L-B

Julian was such a pleasant and lovely person from the first moment we met her. Our baby clearly thought the same. Julian has a gentle soul, and it reflected on our baby. She is very comfortable in the line of work, clearly knowledgeable, and experienced yet unimposing and humble. Julian is always punctual. Her work is efficient and seamless. She is respectful, She is reassuring to parents, and soothing to babies. Her smile is contagious (to grown ups as well as babies).

Dima F.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Rose was a godsend when our first baby was born. I was recovering from a traumatic birth, struggling with baby blues, and was unable to close my eyes without having flashbacks of labour. I tried to sleep between feeds but just as I’d be about to drift off our daughter would wake and eat again. Rose was so compassionate and understanding and took excellent care of our little one during the night. A week or so after Rose started with us things started to shift and improve for me and I could rest easy knowing our baby was safe and cared for. Rose taught us so much about newborn care as well and by three months of age our daughter was sleeping through the night. Rose has spent her working life caring for children and has a wealth of knowledge (about childcare as well as insights about how to prepare for labour and postpartum life) that she’s eager to share. There’s a lot about becoming new parents that isn’t talked about and being able to confide in someone who has seen it all is a real comfort. I recommend her without hesitation.

Christabel H. & Loren

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