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Newborn Care Specialist

Zealous Gem: Julian is lively and energetic!

Julian’s youthful exuberance is infectious. She has two daughters of her own and lots of nieces and nephews that she has practiced on. Kids love being around her because she is a great playmate and moms love having her around because is also responsible, knowledgeable and observant. Julian has worked with twins, singles and preemies.
You will not find a more joyful person and parents delights in her willingness to help and give to others. Her work experience has mainly been with newborn babies, however, she simply loves children regardless of age.


Newborn Care Specialist and Postpartum Support

Zealous Gem: Liz is funny and full of life!

Liz is a well-rounded professional with more than 25 years of experience working as a childcare provider both in Canada and the USA. Her experiences include offering “night nurse” services of newborns and care of mothers. She develops schedules and routines to ensure that babies/toddlers have enough physical activities, rest, and playtime. Caring for all the children under her care to ensure their safety and good health. Liz takes personal pride in the nutrition and hygiene needs of all the children she cares for. High level of patience with immense love and compassion for families as she is a mother of 2 and a grandmother who knows and understands the ups and downs we all go through.


Newborn Care Specialist

Zealous Gem: Reliable, quiet, and humble!

As a mother, Sharnie knows firsthand the joys and responsibilities of newborn care including the sleepless nights that come with your bundle of joy. Her strength is actually her quietness and calm as she focuses on the end result and not the current struggles.
When you combine her work experience of managing a daycare with caring for her own three children, she is the mother’s charm in a stormy time. Her love for your baby and her kindness will be felt.


Newborn Care Specialist, Postpartum Doula, Birth Doula

Zealous Gem: The Soul of discretion

As a mother Shelly knows firsthand the joys and responsibilities of newborn care including the sleepless nights that comes with your bundle of joy. Her winning smile is a sure-fire connection with any baby and all families. When you combine her work experience with caring for her own three children, she becomes a great resource for parents. She has worked extensively with families that travels and is equipped and very experienced is caring for newborns and siblings on her own.



Newborn Care Specialist

Zealous Gem: Positive outlook and supportive disposition!

In a stress-filled environment, you can count of Shawn to remain unflappable. She has the knack to quickly assess a situation, become mobilized and set up structure and routine to return to normalcy.  Her focus is not just on the newborn but also on mom and the family as a whole unit.

Her personal experiences come from her own three children and over 25 years of working with children in many environment including daycares in different regions of Ontario. She gained further knowledge and experience working part-time as a newborn care specialist.



Postpartum Doula

Zealous Gem: Born to care for others!

Petra was born and worked in the Netherlands, a country where every new mother has the option of in-home maternity care as soon as the baby is born. 

Petra worked in a major hospital where midwives were trained and the maternity care nurses created a home setting for the new mothers and the student midwives. Here, on the maternity care floor she worked closely with nurses, midwives, OB/GYN doctors and pediatricians. In addition, Petra learned from working with women from different cultures and backgrounds, collecting the best of alternative ideas and effective, time tested practices.

In Canada she continued training and became a Cappa Certified Postpartum Doula (CCPD). Working with new families is her passion. Petra knows how important it is to have somebody to reassure and answer the many questions of a new mom.




Newborn Care Specialist

Zealous Gem: The Baby Sleep Guru!

Cherril can train a baby to sleep through the night and that is why her clients loves her so much. She is straight forward and is a great support to mothers by listening attentively and giving great advice and feedback, while helping mothers adjust to their new normal easily.

Parents trust her and think that she is just the best!  She has amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge throughout her many years in the baby care service and is well versed in soothing techniques.


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