Zealous Baby Care


Newborn Care Specialist in Vaughan

Are you looking for a newborn care specialist in Vaughan that has experience? Zealous Baby Care should be your first choice. We offer different services focusing on you and your new baby.

We want each new mother to be as comfortable as possible during this special time.  Our focus is on creating excellent habits that you and your baby can share.  We do a lot more than just taking over so you get some time to sleep.

Our newborn care specialist in Vaughan team empowers new mothers with the tools and knowledge needed so you can thrive by yourself.

 Getting started is easy. All you need to do is fill out the convenient form on our website and hit submit.

Baby Nurse in Vaughan

There are quite a few different baby nurses in Vaughan services to choose from. Maybe you’re looking for a postpartum doula or other types of doulas to fit your needs. If you’re a bit confused about which direction to take, just get in touch with us.

 We are here to help you understand the service that’s perfect for you.

Our experts provide both round-the-clock and overnight support. Making sure your household has both good eating and sleeping schedules is one of our goals. We establish proper sleeping routines so you won’t need a consultant later in your child’s life.

A big part of what we do is training your baby to have healthy sleeping habits that get them through the night. There are several differences that set our services apart.

 They include providing you with an at-home baby expert as well as eating and sleeping training.  We also offer overnight baby care packages as well as guaranteed availability.

Zealous Baby Care matches your requirements and needs with a custom plan that we create.

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Night Nurse in Vaughan

We provide support with a variety of different tasks like swaddling, feeding, and bathing. We can also facilitate feeding when your baby is hungry so you can get some much-needed rest.

 Our experts can also help with a variety of newborn issues like acid reflux and or tongue tie.

 Our night nurse in Vaughan services is perfect for new parents. These professionals fill an essential role because your newborn is their number one priority.

Remember, the experts that you hire from us will work with you for as long as they are needed. The goal is to help you feel confident about your new life with baby after we leave.