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What does a newborn care specialist do?

A newborn care specialist provides expertise in all aspects of newborn care, parental education and support. They care for the newborns while providing guidance and education to the parents. The role of a newborn care specialist usually begins after the baby is home. While the parents rest, the newborn care specialist feeds the baby or brings the baby to the mother for nursing; burps, changes, soothes, and puts the baby back to bed.

More than a night nurse, night nanny or doula

A night nurse or night nanny just provides an extra set of hands during the night and a doula supports the mother before, during or after childbirth. But a newborn care specialist provides all these services. Their focus is on caring for your newborn, providing support when needed, helping you establish healthy habits, and educating and empowering parents.

When do they work?

Newborn care specialists generally work nights and some are willing to work 24/7, allowing the parents to rest and recuperate quickly from childbirth. They help to create eat/sleep routines, sleep training, and basic breastfeeding. Some parents prefer hiring daytime newborn care specialists who strive to create a nurturing and stimulating environment during the daytime for the baby or babies.

An extra pair of hands is always ideal for a mother who just gave birth. Newborn care specialists make the baby their number one priority. They bring all their trade secrets to help and educate the parents in all things baby.

Zealous Baby Care has been leading the way in newborn care services since 1992. We offer the top experienced newborn care specialists in Toronto and in the GTA. Call 1 (888) 515-8390 to book a Toronto newborn care specialist.

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