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What is a Birth Doula?

Doulas are non-medical care providers who support the family emotionally and physically during delivery. They may be professionally trained and experienced in assisting and supporting expected parents through their pregnancy. The assistance of a birth doula provides mothers with a more fulfilling and memorable pregnant experience.

Doulas empower expected parents to have better control in the way they want to experience their pregnancy. Their knowledge of the labour and birthing process makes them a great companion during the pregnancy by being a fountain of information and knowledge, and by supporting and addressing concerns and fears.

As old as time and before there were doctors and hospitals, women were helping women through childbirth, supporting each other, and helping each other to raise children.

Is it worth it to hire a doula?

Every pregnancy is different. But according to the Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health, continuous support in labor from a trained doula can decrease the likelihood of cesarean birth, epidural analgesia, and assisted vaginal birth. In addition, there is some emerging evidence suggesting that involving doulas in prenatal care can reduce rates of preterm birth.

What should a great doula do?

  • Inform you of your options and choices
  • Empower mother to make her choices
  • Reduce fears and concerns
  • Make mom as relaxed and feel safe as possible
  • Create birth plans
  • Help parents to navigate the information that relates to them and their baby
  • Support and respect the parent’s feelings and desires
  • Help mom to learn about her baby and herself
  • Support spouses and partners
  • Encourage, massage, apply pain reducing techniques
  • Teach breathing techniques, labour positions
  • Brings positive energy; help and support the team involved in the delivery
  • Keep parents focused on the purpose of any process during the pregnancy

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